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Comment on California Proposition 37 and GMO

We just want to make a quick comment that our 100% organic products are GMO-Free. In fact, generally speaking Certified USDA Organic products are required to be non-GMO.

As a general guideline:

100% Organic: Must contain 100 percent organically produced ingredients (excluding water and salt). This is the only label that certifies a completely organic product AND completely GMO-free ingredients.

Certified Organic / USDA Organic / Organic: At least 95 percent of content is organic by weight (excluding water and salt). The <5% remaining ingredients must consist of substances approved on the USDA's National List. GMOs are NOT on this list, so these products are also usually GMO-free.

Made with Organic: Up to 70% of the ingredients are organic. These products can NOT carry a "USDA organic" label and are NOT typically GMO-free.